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    This is your Profile. Please write it in 3rd person. Keep it professional and informative.

    The banner picture, above, should be sized to 1800px wide x 350px high. You should appear in the middle.
    Your logo will be small so make sure you supply one that is clear and can be read in that size.

    A short bio here that describes you. Talking points can include:
    • when was your business established?
    • what is your service model? (eg: on-foot walking, drive to the park,

    • What services do you offer? (private/group, on or off-leash, boarding, sitting, daycare, training, nail trims, puppy visits)
    • what is your go-to training methodology? (eg: LIMA Balanced, Positive Reinforcement, Fear Free).
    • what training have you undertaken (eg: mentor, mentoring program, formal training)
    • if you've been in the industry for a long time, you can also focus on your experience and success working with harder/more complex dogs.
    • other things you do that demonstrate your commitment to dogs (eg: volunteer, rescue work or other)
    • bonus points if you want to write up a few success (case) studies and link to them on your website.

    Provide all other information that you see on this page (eg: website, your logo (JPG, PNG format), FB biz page, your contact info) in a Word file.

    Include 5-6 pictures of your happy dogs in JPG or PNG format. Email the whole lot to

    Other important information to include:

    Service area boundaries (please fill in with your information):
    > all of the postal codes you service in your territory (for the search engine)
    > what neighbourhood do you cover? (eg: "Annex", "Riverdale", or "Bloor West Village"). List one or many (also for the search engine)

    State your boundary:
    > Broadview Avenue to Coxwell Avenue
    > Danforth Avenue to Lakeshore Blvd
    > if going to leash-free, what park(s) do you go to?

    Are you flexible outside of your service area borders, by 1-2kms in either direction?

    Contact Information (please provide your info):
    • website
    • social media (FB, Instagram)
    • email (recommended)
    • phone # (not recommended, if you don't want people to call)

    Additional Credentials: (please fill in with your information. Your Insurances and Police Clearance Letter are private documents and protected by Privacy laws. Because CDWA collects these for vetting and complies with Privacy laws, you do NOT have to share private documents with citizens/clients. It's enough to indicate that you have them.)
    + Animal CPR Certificate (sharable)
    + Auto Insurance, covering canine transport and emergency veterinary care (private)
    + Business Liability Insurance, covering canine care, $2million (private)
    + City of Toronto Permit (sharable)
    + Formal Bonding (private)

    Training + Management Style

    R+ Practitioner, Fear-Free

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      September 8, 2018 at 10:27 pm

      Sam Smith is vetted and professionally endorsed by CDWA.

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